3rd Place Winner

2008 St. Mary's College of Maryland Governor's Cup Yacht Race Photography Competition.

Governor's Cup Sunset

Governor's Cup Sunset

Honorable Mention

2009 THROUGH THE LENS: Contrasting Elements

Comment by Janet Jones: “This strong graphic composition is satisfying first on an abstract level and then as we perceive the physical reality of the subject.”

Top 20

2009 THROUGH THE LENS: Contrasting Elements

Top 20 out of 1800+ entries.

2008 Kellicutt International Photo Show Winner

THROUGH THE LENS: Patterns of People or Patterns in Nature

Equipment ________________________________________


We use both 35mm, medium format and high-quality digital cameras, along with image stabilization equipment to capture the best quality image. We also use a Nikon 8000 high-resolution film scanner. Scanning at 4000 dpi offers us almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to manipulation and enlargements when working from 35mm or medium format film.

Retouch on the image is also available. We can remove unsightly items, adjust colors, add street names, river names or draw property boundary lines.

Your images can also be delivered in digital format to accommodate your future needs and uses in the form of a CD or via e-mail.

Advertising and Commercial use digital files are available by contacting Aloft, Inc. directly.

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