Aloft Aerial Photography

Aloft Aerial Photography is owned and operated by Hunter H. Harris, a FAA certified commercial pilot, and an international award-winning aerial photographer. Aloft Aerial Photography provides services to developers, realtors, homeowners, building contractors, government agencies and various community businesses and organizations throughout the United States.
Our passion starts with recognizing and appreciating our unique privilege and ability to capture a subject from a spectacular view then, to deliver quality images to our customers in a professional, legal and safe manner.

Aloft Aerial Photography is fully insured and operates FAA Certified aircraft that are flown by very experienced FAA Certified Commercial Pilots. We own and operate a Cessna C-177B Cardinal from Easton Municipal Airport, (ESN) located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Aloft Aerial Photography has access to several helicopters and other aircraft if needed.

We Fly the Washington DC SFRA Airspace

Aloft Aerial Photography’s manned aircraft operations include flights in and out of the highly restrictive Washington DC airspace including the Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ) under special waivers, permits and security requirements.

Aloft Ariel Photography