Commercial Construction Progress Aerial Images

Aloft Aerial Photography works very closely with the contractors, builders, banks and property owners to provide high quality aerial images of building land developments throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and across the United States.

We provide images taken during all phases of a build starting with untouched ground through the completed project. These "construction sequence" packages usually consist of monthly flights with images delivered to you within a few days. Please contact Aloft Aerial Photography to discuss the many options available.


A Few of Our Construction Company Clients
  • Nuttle Builders, Inc.
  • Hobbs Contractors, Inc.
  • Koch Homes
  • Elm Street Development
  • Bailey Marine Construction, Inc.
  • NVM Contractors Inc.
  • Riley Custom Homes & Renovations
  • Southway Builders, Inc.
  • ILEX Construction & Development, Inc
  • Vannoy Construction
  • Clark Builders Group
  • PCL Industrial Construction
  • Choptank Builders
  • Lundberg Builders
  • Creek Point Builders
  • The Mullan Contracting Company
  • Maryland Environmental Services
  • American Infrastructure
  • Agviq Environmental Services
  • Baines Construction
  • Cypress Cove Waterfront Community
  • The Polm Companies, Inc.
  • Chance and Associates, Inc.
  • West & Callahan, Inc.
  • Jackson-Shaw
  • Long Cove Development
  • MB Visnic, Inc.
  • Warfel Construction Co.
  • Alton E. Darling Construction Co.
  • SNC- Lavalin Constructors Inc. 
  • J. Vinton Schafer & Sons, Inc.
You can use the "Site Locator" tool to show us where your project is located.

Here at Aloft Aerial Photography, we can add all sorts of stuff to your images to meet your needs such as: lot lines, your company logo, property lines, building identification and more!

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Aloft Aerial Photography regularly flys within the Washington DC FRZ (Flight Restricted Zone) Airspace. Flights within this area require special permits and waivers issued by FAA and the TSA. If your site lies within the "Freeze" which is the area within a 15 nm mile radius of DCA, we will require additional paperwork from you to apply for waivers. Please visit our "site locator" on this website to share your site and we'll figure out what we will need to accommodate your request.