Marine Construction

With Marine Construction of all sorts there is a direct and ongoing partnership between design engineering, construction pros and the developer as projects are designed then mature over time. Along the way to completion, this entire team can better work together if able to visualize and review every step of the way.

We provide images taken during all phases of a build starting with either the old dock/pier removal or shoreline preparations, through the completed project. These "construction sequence" packages usually consist of monthly flights with images delivered to you within a few days. Please contact Aloft Aerial Photography to discuss the many options available.

We do not use drones because of (among other challenges) the operational restrictions and unacceptable quality of imagery.

This dilapidated community pier was removed then completely replaced. The project took six months to compete which included our aerial images taken about two weeks from different angles. Aloft delivered a high quality 12x12 hardbound photo book with the images printed on the pages to the contractor who then presented the book to the community clubhouse where it continues to be shared.”

We capture images for all sorts of Marine Construction, such as marina and pier construction, dredging, bridge work, and shoreline revetment. We even capture some images that may be a bit embarrassing! Did you spot that image?

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