Bay From Above

How much has the Chesapeake Bay changed over the past 75 years?

There are a number of ways to explore this question. Take a bird's eye view of the Bay from an airplane — and look at the photographs taken over time.

That's the idea behind 'The Bay From Above: Aerial Views of the Bay Then and Now', which juxtaposes the 1930s-1950s photography of H. Robins Hollyday with new photography by Hunter H. Harris. Hollyday worked as a commercial photographer from the 1930s to the 1950s. Harris' work focuses on land use and development. Contrasting Hollyday's black-and-white photographs with Harris's color images, this exhibition provides astoundingly beautiful and startling evidence of the changes in the Chesapeake's shoreline, farmland, and Bay spaces over the last 75 years.

The exhibition will be on display through the spring of 2009. Supported by the Maryland Historical Trust, the National Park Service, and Verizon. A collaborative effort between The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, The Talbot County Historical Society and Aloft Aerial Photography in Easton.

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Bay From Above Then and Now Slideshow

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Bay From Above, as published in The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's publication Water Ways.

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