Cynthia’s Flight, a wonderful gift from Ray

First of all, I am a native of Talbot County and secondly, I do not like to fly!!! Therefore, I entered this adventure with a bit of apprehension. Hunter gave me my “Snoopy” hat which had earphones and then I climbed up the wing into my seat. Hunter explained what would be going on, how to talk to him and safety measures. We then took off to the runway. We headed towards the Miles River and proceeded to fly over the house where I grew up and towards St. Michael’s. I saw where all the little riverside cottages of my youth were now enormous estates unlike any I had seen before. We flew around the St. Michael’s area (I must say Hunter had a running commentary the entire trip which I so enjoyed!) We headed to Oxford and I saw the house I live in now and an incredible number of sailboats. From there we headed towards Cambridge and up the Choptank to the Dover River Bridge and back to the airport. It was one of the most exhilarating, fun, peaceful, beautiful afternoons ever. I encourage everyone to go up in the Stearman with Hunter. And I must say, fear was never a part of the trip at all!!!! Way to go, Hunter!