Biplane Tours

Beautiful views of what you might see on your flight.

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Where do we fly?
What do we see?
How much do we cost?

We offer three different Biplane Ride packages for 20, 40, or 60-minute rides.

All flights depart from and return to (ESN) the Easton Airport.

The 20-minute flight takes us along the Miles River to St. Michaels then south to Oxford. We then turn NE following up the Tred Avon River back to ESN. $177 no sales tax

The 40-minute flight takes us along the Miles River to St. Michaels then SW to Tilghman Island, then east towards Oxford. We then turn NE heading up the Tred Avon River back to ESN. $331 no sales tax

Typically, the 60-minute flight follows the same route as the 40-minute but continues from Oxford around SE side of Talbot County following the Choptank River north towards Denton. $497 no sales tax

We can fly you anywhere within the 25-mile vicinity of the Easton Airport, except we don’t cross the Bay to the west.

Design your custom flight plan!

By using this application, you can design a route of your own design. Start by placing your pointer at Easton Airport then ‘left click’ and release. Navigate to your next site that you want to fly over (you may have to zoom out), again left click. That’s our first ‘leg’ on this flight. Now just repeat with a left click over the next site and so on, just be sure we end-up back at the Easton Airport!

Be sure to finish request form and hit ‘send’ so I can review your dream flight anywhere within a 25-mile radius of the Easton Airport.

Physical Requirements

  • Passenger minimum height in order to see over the side is 4’ 6”.
  • Passenger needs to be able to step on to the wing then whilst sanding and holding the handle slightly above their head, lift their legs up high and over the 32” side of the cockpit with good balance, ease and unassisted. It is a rather high step into the cockpit from the wing that requires some unusual agility.
  • As much as we would like to accommodate older or less physically able passengers we simply cannot because we are required by the FAA to follow all safety protocol.
  • This 1942 Stearman was designed to accommodate US Military teenaged flight students and their (senior) 20 some year-old instructors!
23-05-24 Jimonwing x3284sm

This image shows why jumping into the front cockpit may be a challenge for some. Notice that the cockpit combing is almost as high as Jim’s waist. We do not allow your shoe to touch this combing as you need to lift your right leg up and over this obstacle. Please practice at home before your flight.

Cancelation Policy

Of course, all flights depend on favorable flying conditions and may be rescheduled accordingly.

In consideration for other customers, we need a 24-hour notice to change or cancel your reservation.

If the weather forecast is questionable we need to communicate 24 hours before the scheduled flight in order to reschedule your flight. Cancelations and no-shows within 24 hours will be assessed a 100% cancelation fee. 

Ready to go Fly!

Last minute reservations might work! Give it a try by calling the cell phone 410-310-2626 and ask.

Thanks for reading all this important information, your Preflight Briefing is complete for now, let’s go Fly!

Please be sure to complete you booking with an appropriate ‘SmartWaiver’ signature, located within the Aloft FareHarbor booking page.