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Testimonials and Fun Flying Videos

Michelle’s landing, a surprise gift from Bill

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to be flying when Michelle and her husband Bill returned to the Easton Airport. Only a few weeks earlier…

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A group of people standing next to an airplane.

Flight to Fallston W42

Visiting friends at W42 Fallston Aerodrome, Maryland

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A small airplane with two pilots sitting in it.

High Speed Stearman

Cross country from Galesburg IL to Easton MD @ 150 kts! That’s fast for a Stearman, and only possible with a tailwind or pointing straight…

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A small airplane flying over the top of a field.

Cynthia’s Flight, a wonderful gift from Ray

First of all, I am a native of Talbot County and secondly, I do not like to fly!!! Therefore, I entered this adventure with a…

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A man sitting on the floor in front of some trash cans.

Paul’s return to the hangar

After all restoration work it’s great to fly this Stearman! Speakers On!

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A small airplane flying over the water.

Ray’s first flight in this Stearman

Come fly with Ray around Talbot County!

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A man and woman in the cockpit of an airplane.

Allison’s Flight

Dear Hunter, Thanks so much for taking for me for a ride in your beautiful Stearman biplane today and giving me a tour of our…

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If you would like to share your flight experience, please send your story and images/videos to the following email [email protected]!